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“I wasn’t sure if Reel Hope would be willing to drive three hours to film my kid, but they immediately agreed. And it was quite a day! He was a surly, cranky, frowning, cranky teenage boy during the whole shoot. The team kept their professionalism intact and were never anything less than chatty and friendly. But what surprised me, even more, was how they were able to put together a very nice video despite how hard this young man tried to not give them any footage of him smiling, talking, or being the general fun kid he can be (but REALLY didn’t want to be that day). Anybody who watched this video would see the funny, smart, sassy kid I know, instead of the too-cool-to-smile teenage boy they got that day. Thanks to Reel Hope for the travel, the perseverance, and the excellent video!”

-Aubrey Haddican, Ampersand Families


“The videos from Reel Hope have opened our church’s eyes to the real stories of children who need homes.  It was through our partnership with them and one of their videos that inspired a family in our church to start the process of adopting a child they met through Reel Hope’s videos, a step they may never otherwise taken.”

-Aaron Sorenson, Crow River Church


“REEL Hope is a beacon for teens who are seeking families. So many times, these teens are forgotten. It is one thing to hear about the need in our community for adoptive foster homes, but to see the faces, hear the stories, really shines a light of the need for churches to step forward and find forever families for these teens. It is amazing how much more of an impact it is to see and hear real stories of children needing homes through video. REEL Hope has made a huge impact already and I see God at work and many lives changed already!”

-Shari Ley, Bethany Christian Services


We have been so impressed with the quality of each Reel Hope video and the energy they have for supporting our waiting foster youth. It has been so valuable to have them as an additional resource for youth recruitment videos. The videos really “bring the kids to life” much more than words or photos alone can.

-Misty Coonce, Ampersand


“Reel Hope has been genuinely eager to learn about the realities of youth in foster care, and they meet this child welfare world with deep respect, passion, and understanding. Reel Hope has given us what we’ve always envisioned doing to portray kids in a real, beautiful picture to help recruit permanent families. Plus, the youth think they’re really cool.”

-Meghan Heffner, Ampersand


Kaycee and Dan made the youth I am working with feel so comfortable while filming his Reel Hope video. He warmed up to them quicker than I have seen him warm up to anyone before!

-Amy Fogel, Children’s Home and Lutheran Social Services


“Reel Hope has been a special force for adoption recruitment. Kaycee and Dan interact great with youth, meet them where they are at, and do a wonderful job capturing their unique personality. Families find the videos to be so helpful while they are learning about a child and considering adoption. Reel Hope has been a fantastic partner to Ampersand Families. They are open to feedback, eager to strengthen their work, and motivated to reach more waiting youth. I look forward to sending more referrals their way! 

-Stacy Gehringer, Ampersand Families