Frequently Asked Questions

What does Reel Hope do?

Reel Hope makes 2-minute profile videos of MN Waiting Kids to be used by recruiters and social workers. Reel Hope will also bring these videos to events and faith communities to assist in recruitment efforts.

What is the commitment for me?

After a release has been signed by the social worker, your role as a recruiter is to be present at the shoot (or assist in organizing a shoot where a licensed adult is present). The videos are entirely funded by private donations – there is no cost to you or your agency.

How far will Reel Hope travel for shoots?

We will travel anywhere in Minnesota! Our ideal setup is to find a meeting place within two hours of the Twin Cities, but, if that is not feasible, we will travel to wherever kids are.

What does Reel Hope do with the videos when they are done?

Social workers and recruiters will get a copy of the video on a flash drive, to use at their discretion. We’ll also send a copy to be given to the child.

With permission from the social worker, Reel Hope will post the videos on the Reel Hope website and social media, and will also bring the videos to events and faith communities.

The social worker can determine the level of exposure each video gets. Social workers can indicate specific areas & environments for where the video can be shown, and whether or not it goes on the Reel Hope website, the MNAdopt site, or social media.

What does it mean that Reel Hope is a Christian organization?

Reel Hope’s ultimate goal is to partner with counties and agencies so that every kid in Minnesota would have a family.

Being a Christian organization means that we believe in Jesus and that we believe that God cares about kids who need families. That is simply our “why.” It fuels why we do what we do!

You will see Christian language in our newsletter, website, and social media posts.

Will Reel Hope use faith language when interacting with kids, social workers, or recruiters?

No. When we interact with MN Waiting Kids, recruiters, and social workers, we are faith-neutral. We will never proselytize to your kids. Our desire is that recruiters and social workers are able to use these videos for recruitment in all sorts of environments.

Will Reel Hope make a video for any MN Waiting Kid?

Yes! Our goal is that every kid in MN would have a family – and we want to make a video for every waiting child.

What does Reel Hope do if a family expresses interest in adopting?

We are not an adoption agency. Every family that comes to us with interest in adopting will be immediately connected to MNAdopt and to the recruiter/social worker that represents that child.

What’s the first step to refer a child?

Just email , and we’ll send you a release! 

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