Our Story

Reel Hope started in September of 2016 with one mission: A forever family for every child.

We knew two things:

  • God cares about kids who need families.
  • There’s nothing more powerful than a story.

So we set off to tell the stories of Minnesota kids who are waiting to be adopted. We started making two-minute profile videos of these kids and sharing them with the world.

How It Works

Our Mission

Our goal is to make a video for a kid every week.

Reel Hope takes the reels to faith communities and events every week, introducing as many people as possible to these kids.

*Some kids have safety concerns which limit the places we share their reel. We always allow the social worker to determine when/where a video is shown.

The Reel Hope Project - Web BGs

Our Vision

Our Team

Kaycee Stanley

Director and Founder

Kaycee and her husband Pete love three things: Jesus, kids, and stories. (Also, each other. Obviously.) For a long time, they have dreamed about how to change the narrative around adopting from foster care, especially within faith communities. In the spring of 2016, they were inspired by a ministry called America’s Kids Belong, and they started dreaming about a ministry that told the stories of kids who need families. Five months later, Reel Hope was born.

Daniel Luedtke

Videographer and Editor

Dan has been a friend of the Reel Hope founders for a long time. He filmed their wedding video. When Reel Hope was launched, he was the first one they asked to help. They knew that with his heart and skill with kids (and with a video camera), Reel Hope could tell the stories of these kids in a way that was honest, compelling, and uplifting. He volunteered his time and editing skills for the first few months and later became a part of our staff.

Our Board Members

Pete Stanley

I love Reel Hope because family is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Kids desperately need family, and my being able to play even a small role in helping to make that happen is an honor. Plus, I’m married to Kaycee, so ignoring Reel Hope would be like trying to avoid candy if you lived with Willy Wonka.

Gretchen Luedtke

There are kids in MN waiting for families. And there are families in MN for these kids. Our real hope is that every waiting kid would find their forever family. It is exciting to partner with social workers and recruiters in sharing the personalities, stories, and faces of these kids! I am thankful to be part of the process, and looking forward to more and more stories of life change through adoption!

Shatera Thorson The Reel Hope Project Board Members

Shatera Thorson

“Adopting one child won’t change the world; but for that child, the world will change.” I love being a part of The Reel Hope Project because it gives me the opportunity to share with others how they can change the trajectory of a child’s entire life by loving them through adoption.

Colin Post

I love being a part of Reel Hope because it is helping give a voice to the voiceless. It is helping to change a system but more importantly his helping change lives. When you see the smiles on all the kids face, you see the profound impact that being adopted will have on their life, and honestly what is better than that?

Deb Terlinden

I have always had a special place in my heart for adoption so when the opportunity came for me to join the Reel Hope Project I jumped at the chance. I have been blessed with an adopted sister and her presence in our family made our family complete.  As a  Licensed Social Worker who works daily with children I see kids’ desire to just be loved, to have a loving home and to have someone they can share their love with. The Reel Hope Project brings the hidden children to the forefront for us to see and pray for. Forever families are waiting to become complete and The Reel Hope Project provides the faces and the names.

Chris Dorff The Reel Hope Project Board Memeber

Chris Dorff

I believe that LOVE is the special bond that makes a family. Every child deserves to know the LOVE and bond of a forever family.  The Reel Hope Project is an amazing tool that can make this happen. It gives me hope that we can find families for those children that long to be loved and deserve to know that feeling of being where they belong. I consider it a blessing to be a part of The Reel Hope Project Team.

Lauren Miller The Reel Hope Project Board Member

Lauren Miller

Every child has value, significance, and is deserving of a loving family. The heart of The Reel Hope Project is to connect children with their forever families. It is a privilege to be a part of this life-changing project.